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The business activity of Centrum Transferu Technologii EMAG in Katowice is directed at widely understood transfer of technological solutions developed at the company and at scientific units for commercial entities along with implementing different solutions at business practices. In the recent years our company has actively acted as a consortium member, mostly industrial, in implementation of research and development projects part-financed from public funds. The company’s success is determined by the reputation of products launched to the market, customers’  and cooperating parties’ trust and a strong production-technological base as well as high flexibility of optimisation of customer service processes and the engagement of our employees.

Cooperation within various consortia allows the company to comprehensively meet the expectations of business partners not only in Poland but also abroad. In the recent years foreign markets revenues have been above 50% of the overall revenue and the products marked with our logo work on all continents. The brand we have created is recognisable in many countries where natural resources are mined. Centrum Transferu Technologii EMAG Sp. z o.o. often undertakes to implement completely new solutions (the so called first implementation) in industrial and public facilities.

Aiming to develop an innovative company, meet the expectations of our customers and consortium members, in 2011 we implemented the quality management system operating till now in accordance with the norm EN ISO 9001:2015 audited by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH certification body. Moreover, the production system of equipment and protective systems intended for the use in potentially explosive atmosphere was implemented in accordance with the 2014/34/EU Directive. The scope of our business activity encompasses the development of new devices or process automation and safety systems and their production, implementation and service. Our technical solutions and products are used in many devices taking part in mineral extraction processes, in the enrichment processes and quality assessment of natural resources. A separate activity of our company is the production and the implementation of safety systems, especially mining geophysics systems in mining plants.

Our long, extensive experience and versatility of competences enable us to further develop and search for new solutions and sales markets. We are currently implementing our newly developed solutions in the other economy branches, among others in waste segregation processes. Within several years the company has been awarded many prizes including Forbes Diamond 2014 for the second place in the Silesian voivodeship and 25th place nationwide for the dynamic development of the company, Business Quality Certificate “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play”, Polish Innovation Award 2015, 2016 for the implementation of the project and research and development activities, “The Power of Polish Innovation” 2015, “Foundation” 2019 and the award “Najwyższa jakość Quality International” 2019 in QI PRODUCT category.

  • Centrum Transferu Technologii
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    Leopolda 31, 40-189 Katowice, POLAND
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    +48 32 4209800
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    +48 32 4209802
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