Laboratory analyzer PYLOX 3


Depending on the software used, the PYLOX3 analyzer can be used to assess the content of total sulfur or ash in coal samples, the content of non-flammable parts in mine dust or other parameters of powdery substances mixtures, resulting from the variability of the elemental composition. The content of elements is determined by measuring the intensity of gamma radiation excited based on the phenomenon of fluorescence, in the ranges corresponding to the characteristic energies of individual elements. A radiation generator (X-ray tube) is used to induce radiation, and a spectrometer with a semiconductor detector is used to measure its spectrum. The device is intended for use in laboratories to analyze the parameters of material mixtures. The computer, which is an integral part of the device, allows it to be used in automated measuring stations. The PYLOX3 analyzer can work with external devices, e.g. a moisture analyzer.


Dimensions (L × W × H)


            450 x 260 x 535 mm



25 kg

Power Supply


            230 VAC

Power consumption (max)


120 W

Work Temperature


5 – 40 °C

Relative humidity


maks. 80 % in temp. 30 °C



semiconductor SDD integrated with the spectrometer

Exciting radiation source


X-ray generator

Unit measurement time


1 to 999 s

The range of analyzed elements


Z number from 13 (Al) to 82 (Pb)

Sample Parameters



Mechanical shock resistance of the housing




Measurement range


- noncombustible dust content


45 ÷ 100%

- ash content


2 ÷ 40%

- total sulphur content


0 ÷ 8%

- other elements’ content


depending on the calibration


Average measurement error with respect to chemical determinations


- noncombustible dust content


.≤ 2% Na

- ash content


≤ 0,5% Aa

- total sulphur content


≤ 0,15% Sac

- other elements’ content


depending on the calibration

[1] Not for the brown coal


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