PPP-1 Float level transmitter version F


PPP-1 Float level transmitter is designed to analogue measurement of the temperature and liquid
level in tanks. The measurement of the liquid level is performed by the movement of the float with a
magnet, moved by the buoyant force, floating along the reed ruler. The temperature is measured by
the means of the sensor located at the end of reed ruler.


  • Used in the machines operating under conditions of significant deviation from the vertical
  • Analogue measurement
  • Adapted for use in potentially explosive methane and coal dust areas

Metrological parameters



-Vertical measuring range


up to 500 mm

-Measuring maximum (20 mA)


20 mm below the mounting surface of the sensor

-Resolution of the level meter


5 mm

-Temperature measuring range


+5°C ÷ 85°C

-Maximum deviation from the vertical



-Cable insertion


cable entrance Dn – 14 mm



oil, water-oil emulsion

Electrical parameters


-Power supply – output


+12 ÷ 28 V DC;  analogue 4÷20 mA

Working conditions


- Liquid


oil, water-oil emulsion

- Ambient temperature


5°C ÷ 60°C

- Temperature of the liquid


5°C ÷ 85°C

- Relative humidity


do 100%

Mechanical parameters




68x40xprobe length



about 2,2kg

Cable length


as ordered, 10 metres maximum

Casing protection parameter


IP 65


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