ARAMIS-M/E Seismic System

Seismic system with digital transmission of DTSS seismic signals


Monitoring of seismic activity while mining, registering and processing information about seismic events in coal mines and other mines of natural resources.

System functions

Locating of seismic events withing the infrastructure of a mine

  • Defining the parameters of the tremor focus
  • Defining the energy of the tremor
  • Support in assessing the seismic risk

Depending on the extent of the mine two elements can be used as sensors: seismometer or low-frequency geophone (optional). The system is equipped with intrinsically safe digital data transmission, centrally powered from the ground, which allows the transmission of 1 or 3 components of the recorded vibration velocity on a single teletransmission line. Signal sampling is conducted by Sigma Delta converters (24 bits) what enables high dynamics of processing and recording.

Basic functions of the software cooperating with ARAMIS M/E system

  • Seismogram processing (spectral analysis, filtration)
  • Marking the first occurrence of P and S wave
  • Locating of seismic event, methods used: standard (Basing on P wave), S-P, TRMLOC, coil
  • Locating using directional method (as an option) with the use of ternary records
  • Graphical presentation, 2D/3D seismicity visualisation
  • Estimation of the parameters of the tremor focus: energy, seismic moment, the focus size, stress decline
  • Support in seismic risk assessment
  • Passive seismic tomography
  • Spectral analysis and digital filtering of the chosen seismic records
  • Integration of the phenomenon entries from other ARAMIS, ARAMIS M/E, ARES i ARES 5/E systems
  • The use of velocity direction factors and wave direction factors

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