ARAMIS-MSD Moduł Sejsmoakustyczny


Threefold transceiver measurement module – Digitalization and transmission of threefold seismic signal to LKP concentrator (SP/DTSS, SD/DTSS)

  • Provides a digital transmission of seismic signals from M/E Aramis system
  • Transmits the data to on-surface or underground digital receiver (OCGA, OCGD) of the local LKP concentrator (SP/DTSS, SD/DTSS)
  • Synchronizes the generator clocking the AC transducers
  • Reads the parameters of sensors with in-built memory
  • Responsible for digital data gathering used for digital transmission and forming the transmission form
  • Fulfils the requirements group I intrinsically safe index, M1 category, ‘ia protection level
  • Compatible with concentrators at ‘ib’ protection level


Analogue inputs                                                           3

Frequency band limited by                                        500Hz mode, threefold 0-206.5Hz

Anti-aliasing filter                                                        1kHz mode, twofold 0- 413.0Hz

High-pass filter                                                             available between 0.1 Hz and 1 Hz 

Processing resolution                                                 24-bit

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)                                       96 db @1 kHz

Sampling Rate                                                               500 Hz or 1 kHz

Programmable low noise level amplifier                x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128

Transmission type                                                        DTSS digital transmission of seismic signals, 3 components per one line

Transmission range                                                      SP/DTSS up to 10 km

                                                                                           SD/DTSS up to 2,5 or 5 km

Operating temperature                                               0°C up to +50°C

Casing protection parameter                                     IP54

Dimensions                                                                    19 x 16 x 6.5 (cm)

Weight                                                                            4kg

Dedicated sensors                                                        SG3u, GVu, GVd, GHa, SP-5.28/E

Dedicated systems                                                       ARAMIS M/E, digital ARES*


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